not just another cover

A cover song is a new performance or recording of a contemporary or previously recorded, commercially released song or popular song. And now since the existence of youtube as a user-generated video sharing service everyone can make their own cover version of basically everything. I’m not saying this is bad, this is a good think actually, it emerges the hidden talents and unknown artists into surface.

frankly, I’m more into live performances and cover songs than the original movie clips, because its more alive than only the mv, and i can tell their quality easily by watching their live gigs. If their live shows are good then they are good and also otherwise. Lately i have more “free” time since my project is in production support mode and my next project is still in discussion mode, and you may guest it right, i spent enormous amount of time doing youtube-ing,  searching new songs, mvs, and of course cover songs. Hope my boss is not reading any of this haha (crossing finger).

In my jouney on the land of youtube continent, i came across numbers of notable and very worth watching cover singer and self-regarded artist. They sang the song beautifully with their all, and made their video as best as possible, almost in professional level. And i think some are better than the original singer in terms of delivering the song to the audience. Herewith i will share to you all my 5 most watched cover singer:

Kurt Hugo Schneider + Sam Tsui

This is the first video which i watched and since then I’m getting addicted to their cover.

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Apajadinya bila youtube ….

Saat enak-enakan nonton metro kemarin sabtu, tiba-tiba mata saya terpaku pada sebuah tulisan berjalan yang isinya “akses internet ke youtube akan ditutup karena mengupload film Fitna”….nah lho …. dan saat blogwalking saya menemukan tulisan ini dari blog-nya Pak Romi yang didalamnya terdapat surat sakti ini.

Setelah membaca tulisannya Pak Romi, saya jadi kepikiran apa jadinya bila youtube benar-benar ditutup aksesnya oleh pemerintah (Depkominfo, red)? Bila memang benar terjadi, maka ini adalah sebuah kemunduran dari dunia per-internet-an Indonesia.

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