Wedding Frenzy

Many things happened in these past months, going here and there, massive extra workload, had a chance to hang out once again with the members of narsiiser jakartanensis, another try to step up against the world and conquer my realm of dreams, and a glimpse of a not-so-well-told cliche story just like everybody has. And for that I know (and feel gonna be) is that this first half of the year will be bloody busy.

Aside from all that stuff, what make this first half of the year looks amazing is when I list down my friends wedding party and found that almost in every month there will be a friend or two who will take their life to the next level: marriage, and most of them are my college mates, but its really a shame that I can’t visit them in their happiness moment, yeah I do wish I have Doraemon’s door or Son Go Ku’s teleport skill right now, it will solve the space and time problem for good.

Along the Road
Along the Road by aryo_kn at flickr

This wedding frenzy started in the early of february. At 5th, Sofian & Rani held their wedding ceremony at Rangkas Bitung, Banten. They were once a high school friend and turned out to be a bride and bridegroom. Next, At february 18th, one of our dearest friends, Husnul, also held his wedding party at Kediri, the town where he gone to high school (he is Lamonganese just so you know) and you may guest it right that he also married to his high school friend, finally he moved on. Continue reading “Wedding Frenzy”