Chasing Unicorn

One think I can think of, startup founders are masochist.

It has been almost a year (10 months to be precise) since I’m involved in the startup scene in Indonesia, no, not as a co-founder (yet) but just a mere employee. I find this startup world is quite fascinating, it moves fast, agile and very challenging at both ends: business and technical. Also, it forms some sort of community that at some point it is competitive yet very constructive at the same time. There has been regular startup talks organised by startups or VCs to share insights, practices and knowledge to others. Tech a break from Tokopedia is one of the example.

In recent years, startup scene in Indonesia is getting hotter. A lot of new startups founded, and bunch of them got founded by investors, Happyfresh for example. A well summary of Indonesia’s startup scene as off 2015 can be found here. With more than 250 millions of population, which around half of them around productive age (below 40) with the raise of the consumptive middle class (kelas menengah ngehe), it is given that Indonesia is a tasty and juicy yet delicate piece of meat.

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