31 dec 2010 23:23 pm

this year has been a great year for me, i gained a lot of new experiences and i have done many things i havent done in my life before. this is just some of the list:

#2010. my first time travelling aboard, and felt the night world of singapore @ clarke quey, it was a great experience but i dont think i will do it again purposely in the future.

#2010. exploring singapore (from orchad to mustafa center, from merlion to harbour front), it was so tiresome, but worth it.

#2010. done some kind of amazing race journey from batam to jombang in 3 days and 3 nights, the route was batam-singapore-bali-banyuwangi-surabaya-jombang by all means of transportations: car, ferry, mrt, plane, bus, train. indeed it was a long journey.

#2010. watched a 3D movie in cinema for the first time. #katrok

#2010. hey .. there was a rafting place near my home town, its two hours from my home actually, but it was cool especially for newby like me 😀

#2010. i took my ielts test for the first time, and the result was ok. not to good but not so bad either, yeah i need to practice my writing more seriously from now on.

#2010. first time visit kuala lumpur as in KL the capital of malaysia, not the real “kuala lumpur” a.k.a lapindo at porong, sidoarjo. for me  KL was like jakarta with better infrastructure and less population. one thing i noticed in KL, i rarely found a girl who cought my eyes, except in bukit jalil, and most of them are in red jersey with garuda marked in their jersey hehehe. 😀

#2010. klcc is a shopping mall #justknow

#2010. first time watched a football match in a stadium (first leg AFF final INA vs MAL @ bukit jalil national stadium) and we lost the game.  i still remember how was the game played and how the goals scored and how i felt when those goals scored one by one.

finally happy new year everybody, hope 2011 will bring us new hope, new energy and better live for all of us.

hanya sekedar tulisan lain tentang timnas Indonesia …

semua orang tahu dan mungkin semua orang indonesia kecewa atas kekalahan timnas kita di first leg piala AFF 2010 di stadion bukit jalil malaysia kemarin 26 des 2010. saya dan teman-teman pun tertunduk lesu ketika berjalan keluar dari stadion bukit jalil masih riuh rendah dengan teriakan suporter tuan rumah Malaysia yang semakin menggila setelah unggul 3 – 0 atas timnas Indonesia. it would have been perfect if we won the game but the reality was the opposite, we had to face it and deal with it. terus terang saya masih kebayang gimana 3 kali gawang Markus kebobolan hanya dalam kurun waktu 10 menitan, sampai-sampai saya susah tidur saat di bus pulang dari bukit jalil ke singapore kemarin.



ada banyak komentar-komentar yang bermunculan di dunia maya baik melalui blog pribadi, forum maupun lewat situs-situs social network yang memang akhir-akhir ini lagi in dikalangan warga indonesia. salah satunya adalah tulisan dari saudara-saudara saya anggarajasa dan kiki ahmadi yang mungkin memandang dari sudut yang berbeda mengenai pertandingan kemarin namun tetap menarik untuk dibaca dan dicermati.

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