between options …

after browsing through my friends blogs i kept thinking whether i continue write post in english or write in bahasa indonesia just like before (although not fully compliance with ‘EYD’ yet). when i browse my previous posts in this blog, i find it’s kinda mess, some posts were written in english (not to mention the bad english i have been using all the time) and others were written in bahasa indonesia, so inconsistent isn’t it?

actually i started to write in english due to my upcoming ielts test, since i’m not yet confidence with my writing skill so i tried to improved it by writing here and there, and hence the posts. i cant say that my writing skill is improved but i’m trying here .. hahaha.

well its time to choose and set some ground rules. let the dice rolls as for now ๐Ÿ˜€ Continue reading “between options …”


new header v 1.0.1 (unstable)

kelamaan mikir buat wishlist v 2.0, akhirnya yang di rilis duluan malah header v 1.0.1 (unstable) di blog ini. if you notice, header blog saya sudah tidak lagi bergambar tempat sampah tapi sudah berganti menjadi potongan foto yang agak abstrak. tapi tetep kok tagline-nya : tempat sampahnya noval. karena memang ini tempat nyampahnya saya ๐Ÿ˜€

rush by novalp
rush by novalp

foto diatas bisa juga dilihat di halaman flickr saya, atauย View On Black untuk versi hugeblack nya.

foto tersebut diambil di clarke quay singapore. nah ngomong-ngomong tentang pergi ke singapore, obviously that was my first time i went there, and also that was my first i had been abroad (haha..maklum wong ndeso). bagi yang belum tau apa itu clarke quay bisa lihat di sini atau di wikipedia. Continue reading “new header v 1.0.1 (unstable)”