when september ends

it’s raining again, and its hard just like past few days. and what makes me wonder is the rain always starts at noon, around my lunch break time, it gives me trouble when i want to go to lunch since i don’t have an umbrella or whatsoever. well .. maybe this world is becoming so wicked or maybe the weather system is currently out of order or perhaps its a karma for humankind for disturbing the balance of the mother nature, i don’t know, but for sure i cant tell what monsoon season it is nowadays anymore (or perhaps its just my thought).

anyway, i want to wish us all :

selamat hari raya idul fitri 1431H. mohon maaf lahir batin.

bit late though but hey..today is still syawal 😀 speaking of idul fitri, my ‘mudik’ this time is kind of interesting, its a long journey and full of hardship and countless temptations hahaha, i will write it in a different post later (hope).

time sure moves so fast, its just like yesterday i moved here, and now its almost a year already. its just like an old saying from imam Al-Ghazali : the farthest place for humankind to reach in this world is the past. and it’s true, we cant rewrite what we have done or undo what we just did (unless you are using an office suit application in your computer). yet i always have this thought in my mind: if i were old, when im counting my youth memories i prefer regretting because i have done a thing rather than done nothing. but until now i have no regret of what i have done in my life insyaAllah.

now its time to work for the future, reach out dreams hanging in skies of our mind.

sky sky sky
see everything from above, aim higher than the clouds

ps: i supposed to upload the picture above to my flickr page but unfortunately it got blocked by my company firewall, its really a shame. anyway its kind of hard to find a 35mm film roll in batam, cant say difficult though, but the options are limited.

*sedang ngimpi ielts dapet 7 .. amin. padahal inggris nya masih belepotan gini >.<