get online with slackware 13.37

Don’t think all about geeky stuff once you read this post’s title, I’m far less geeky today than in my collage days years ago, believe me my friend. Back to the topic, this post is just a lightweight documentation on how to connect my Slackware 13.37 box to the net using a Qualcomm chip-ed modem USB (lsusb result: ID 05c6:0018 Qualcomm, Inc). I bought this modem at nearby electronic center and unfortunately it didn’t recognized as a 3G modem out of the box, it just recognized as another  USB device by Slackware instead. But work fine inside windows 7 though.

The good thing is that Slackware 13.37 provides bunch of handy tools, usb_modeswitch is one of them. To make the modem recognized as a modem, I used sakis3g which utilize usb_modeswitch to switch the USB into modem. After it was recognized as modem then its time for KPPP to take part in. Just dont forget to set your APN while configuring new profile in KPPP. After all configuration stuff done, its time to login to KPPP and voila, me connected. Nice.

Its time to upgrade the default firefox version to the latest one. Happy browsing 🙂

ps: I still haven’t manage to write about my trip to belitung island yet, kinda occupied with gunpla-ing within past couple weeks 🙂


wake up, dont be such a slack …

finally … i had my wifi and NIC worked (in slackware 13.1 64) last night after days of trying. as i mentioned in my previous post, i finally use dell inspiron 14r (n4010) and slackware 13.1 as it’s OS. i bought it without any preinsttalled OS, but the seller installed a evaluation copy of windows 7 which has to be activated within 30 days.

kde desktop slackware 13.1
kde desktop slackware 13.1

if you using dell inspiron 14r and consider to install slackware 13.1 you can read this post and try it, no guarantee that this will work on your system though since dell’s hardware can be different even for the same model.

ethernet card (NIC):

first we have to know the enemy, like sun tzu’s saying in his arts of war,  if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles. for now you do know that you are using dell inspiron 14r and slackware 13.1 as its OS, but the enemy is still unknown, so lets spy on them. Continue reading “wake up, dont be such a slack …”

a consideration and an if …

slackware 13.1 is in the air for quiet some time, it was dated in Wed May 19 04:40:19 UTC 2010 in its release note. this release includes some upgrades in its packages maybe the most noticeable are the use of kernel (slackware 13.0 used kernel) and the use of KDE 4.4.3 while in previous release (slackware 13.0) using KDE 4.2.4 which regarded as a let down by many slackware fans.

slackware  logo


only one problem left for me to try this version which is i don’t have any laptop to install this cute little thing right now. my ‘beloved partner in crime’ dell inspiron 6400 finally reached its limit after tortured by me for almost 3 years (2007-2010), it end up burning several of its IC(s) on its board due to overheat problem. yeah .. i supposed to buy a cooler fan when using my laptop nearly 24/7, pity me, regret always comes last. as for now, i have it fixed in surabaya, but its remains a mistery whether it can be recovered or as good as dead. Continue reading “a consideration and an if …”

memproses file raw di slackware 13

ok .. setelah kemarin selesai menginstall slackware 13, sekarang saatnya melengkapi aplikasi-aplikasinya. nah berhubung kemarin saya iseng moto-moto dan ga sengaja file nya disimpan dalam format RAW, terus mulailah muncul penasaran saya gimana caranya mengolah file RAW di linux, kalau di wind*ws kan sudah tersedia software bawaan dari kamera yang bertugas untuk RAW processing. FYI i use pentax (K10D) and the extension of the RAW file is .PEF or .DNG

nah kalau di linux setelah browsing-browsing akhirnya menemukan sebuah software khusus untuk memproses file RAW yaitu UFraw. sebenarnya di slackware 13 sudah tersedia aplikasi yang bisa membaca file RAW ini yaitu Krita, namun hasilnya jauh dari memuaskan (menurut saya).

proses instalasi dari UFraw tidak susah amat dan ga juga gampang-gampang amat (karena ga ada di repository nya slackware). proses instalasinya silahkan lihat disini, yang penting pastikan semua dependencies nya sudah terpenuhi semua.

ufraw screenshot

gambar diatas adalah gambar dari screenshot dari aplikasi UFraw. gambar nya emang OE (Over Exposure) maklumlah hanya coba-coba … 😀

*welll … gears is not everything … what really means is always man behind the machine

slackware 13 now is up and running …

sudah lama ternyata blog ini tidak diupdate …

sesuai dengan judul diatas, akhirnya setelah menunggu sekian lama (downloadnya), kemarin Jumat 4 september 2009, slackware 12.1 resmi pensiun dan digantikan oleh slackware 13.

hmmm … apa yang beda sih antara 12.1 dengan 13? banyak lah … yang pasti beda versi satunya 12.1 satunya 13 😛 , kernelnya (2.6.24.xx dg 2.6.29.xx) dan yang pasti desktop manager nya menggunakan KDE 4.2 sudah tidak menggunakan KDE 3.5 lagi (and i love this one), lebih lengkapnya silahkan baca disini.

Untuk proses instalasi tidak jauh beda dari versi-versi sebelumnya, kalau boleh dibilang bahkan sama, namun lebih cepat (menurut saya).  untuk after install configuration nya tidak seribet di versi 12.1, di versi 13 saya hanya install driver nvidia saja biar bisa nonton file mkv dengan nyaman dan tenang 😀

KDE 4.2

setelah make ini rasanya males pindah-pindah ke windo*s lagi 😀

iso nya dapat didownload di (berbahagialah kalian yang masih memiliki akses ke jaringan inherent)