Sampah#12: As time passes me by

walking by the yellow line
walking by the yellow line

In the middle of the fall, when the air is getting colder and colder, yet I found myself still walking by a line on a different road, another year passes me by.

I may be lost in this journey and I hope I will find it worth it at the end whatever it will be. I may have wishes and some of them have been granted, but dreams, It still long way to go, or even the word it self is becoming vaguer to me, but I’ve set my goals ahead of me (probably).

*another annual contemplating post


4 thoughts on “Sampah#12: As time passes me by”

  1. Udah lama yak nggak nyampah disini #eh
    It’s not lost, maybe it’s just an age of worry (said John Mayer). May all your wishes and dreams comes true.
    Happy Birthday 🙂

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