get online with slackware 13.37

Don’t think all about geeky stuff once you read this post’s title, I’m far less geeky today than in my collage days years ago, believe me my friend. Back to the topic, this post is just a lightweight documentation on how to connect my Slackware 13.37 box to the net using a Qualcomm chip-ed modem USB (lsusb result: ID 05c6:0018 Qualcomm, Inc). I bought this modem at nearby electronic center and unfortunately it didn’t recognized as a 3G modem out of the box, it just recognized as another  USB device by Slackware instead. But work fine inside windows 7 though.

The good thing is that Slackware 13.37 provides bunch of handy tools, usb_modeswitch is one of them. To make the modem recognized as a modem, I used sakis3g which utilize usb_modeswitch to switch the USB into modem. After it was recognized as modem then its time for KPPP to take part in. Just dont forget to set your APN while configuring new profile in KPPP. After all configuration stuff done, its time to login to KPPP and voila, me connected. Nice.

Its time to upgrade the default firefox version to the latest one. Happy browsing 🙂

ps: I still haven’t manage to write about my trip to belitung island yet, kinda occupied with gunpla-ing within past couple weeks 🙂


9 thoughts on “get online with slackware 13.37”

  1. “I’m far less geeky today than in my collage days years ago, believe me my friend. ”

    *entah kenapa kalimat ini menggelitik banget*

    1. come on .. pay some respect to the old man in the block (slackware not me), hehehe

      seriously, ubuntu and its next of kin just don’t work for me.

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