not just another cover

A cover song is a new performance or recording of a contemporary or previously recorded, commercially released song or popular song. And now since the existence of youtube as a user-generated video sharing service everyone can make their own cover version of basically everything. I’m not saying this is bad, this is a good think actually, it emerges the hidden talents and unknown artists into surface.

frankly, I’m more into live performances and cover songs than the original movie clips, because its more alive than only the mv, and i can tell their quality easily by watching their live gigs. If their live shows are good then they are good and also otherwise. Lately i have more “free” time since my project is in production support mode and my next project is still in discussion mode, and you may guest it right, i spent enormous amount of time doing youtube-ing,Β  searching new songs, mvs, and of course cover songs. Hope my boss is not reading any of this haha (crossing finger).

In my jouney on the land of youtube continent, i came across numbers of notable and very worth watching cover singer and self-regarded artist. They sang the song beautifully with their all, and made their video as best as possible, almost in professional level. And i think some are better than the original singer in terms of delivering the song to the audience. Herewith i will share to you all my 5 most watched cover singer:

Kurt Hugo Schneider + Sam Tsui

This is the first video which i watched and since then I’m getting addicted to their cover.

Sungha Jung

He’s doing his cover version by playing guitar instead of singing, and seriously this kid is genius in guitar, a prodigy they called him once. Since his very young age he drew a lot of attentions from millions viewer in his youtube page. And this is the most viewed video of him playing Pirates of Caribbean theme song.

And if you want to know more about him please visit his site.

Airto Edmundo

This guy don’t has as many viewer as other cover singer i mentioned before, but believe me he has a nice voice and great covers out of him.

Phil Schawel

Great voice + splendid guitar playing = awesome cover. Just check it yourself guys

and this is him playing andy mckee’s drifting.

Boyce Avenue

This band maybe the hottest cover artist in youtube right now. They sing all their cover versions just like its their own, i mean if i never know the song i will regard them as the original singer. They sing their cover in their own way and that’s what make their cover very enjoyable to be watched, and not to mention their high quality video. This is a cover of the script’s for the first time by boyce avenue and i’m agree with you if you are thinking this is way better than the original one.

Ok folks, this is my 5 most watched cover artist. Note that this is not a chart, if you want numbers on the list please judge them by yourself πŸ˜€ . I believe there are lot more great cover singer out there in the universe, and if you found one please feel free to share here with me.

note: I haven’t found a decent cover from indonesia in terms ofΒ  a complete video (voice + video quality). If you find one, feel free to share to me.


9 thoughts on “not just another cover”

  1. Boyce avenue lebih slow aransemennya. But, i still like the original version. I think that they’ve nailed the beat, so the song is more ‘alive’.
    Just opinion πŸ™‚

    1. ehem… atau jodoh yang tertunda *gosip mode on* ignore it…

      Christina Grimmie’s my favourite one :D, so cute :p *kok malah alasan lain

  2. kalo Indonesia mungkin Raisa mas. Covernya dia dari lagu Someday-John Legend itu yang paling aku suka… (disamping emang suka lagunya sih memang) :p
    Kalo Audrey-Gamal yah.. quite good lah πŸ™‚

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