first taste of korean’s …

if you are a regular korean drama viewer then you might have known korean food such as kimchi and other food which i don’t even remember its name, well korean name is way more difficult to be remembered than jappanese, for me. and yesterday was my first time ever i tasted a set of korean dish hehehe. thanks to tim and elvina, my bosses in a project that i’m currently involved.

after training of the new system that will be implemented in our yard, tim said that he wanted to eat some jappanese food and after having a discussion with pak agus finally we had a decision to go to a jappanese and korean restaurant in planet holiday hotel. it’s located in second floor and its only a stairs away from hotel’s lobby. sorry to not mention the restaurant name, i didn’t pay attention to that details, only food occupied my head at that time. the restaurant itself has a quite decent interior design, minimalist and i loved that.

as usual, a menu book was provided by the restaurant, and guess what? those menu confused me enough to decide which menu i had to order. after a while i finally choose korean set 1 menu which had a halal label on it, and again i couldn’t remember the name of the menu i ordered (doh), but i did remembered that it was a made of sauteed beef accompanied by slices of mushrooms and vegies. elvina ordered a korean food also while pak agus and tim ordered a set of jappanese food each.

you know the interesting part if you eating in korean restaurant is that they will provide a set of side dishes such as potato salad, radish, kimchi and others. the side dishes served first before the main course arrive, i presume it also functioned as an appetizer too. well if you eager how the taste of kimchi which is known as one of the traditional korean food is, ill tell you that it is a fermented cabbage with various chili seasonings and sausages and served in cool condition, andΒ  if you are familiar with javanese food then maybe kimchi is not up to your taste.

korean dishes
korean dishes

if you notice while watching a korean drama/movie, korean uses spoon that kind of different than ours, the spoon provided in the restaurant is also the same type as what the korean uses. a long spoon with an oval shape at its end, kind of soup spoon i think. beside the spoon, a set of chopsticks also provided in case if you want to make an extra effort to eat your meal.

after a while the menu i had ordered finally arrive, it was prepared in a hot plate and too much for one normal person’s appetite actually, but i didn’t think i have a normal appetite thou. from it’s appearance the menu looks fabulous and delightful at the same time, but pardon my tongue which failed to differentiate the taste between it and black pepper beef (haha). but it was delicious for sure.

wait a second, that’s not the end. after you had your main course, the dessert finally came in, a plate of slices watermelon and a bowl of pumpkin soup. pumpkin soup is actually a mashed of cooked pumpkin. well in javanese it’s looks like a “kolak labu” and the taste is also pretty much the same.

overall, the korean dishes is worth to try and the taste is quite friendly to my javanese tongue even though it’s bit pricy for me, it costs around 20SGD. and luckily i had it for free. πŸ™‚

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