between options …

after browsing through my friends blogs i kept thinking whether i continue write post in english or write in bahasa indonesia just like before (although not fully compliance with ‘EYD’ yet). when i browse my previous posts in this blog, i find it’s kinda mess, some posts were written in english (not to mention the bad english i have been using all the time) and others were written in bahasa indonesia, so inconsistent isn’t it?

actually i started to write in english due to my upcoming ielts test, since i’m not yet confidence with my writing skill so i tried to improved it by writing here and there, and hence the posts. i cant say that my writing skill is improved but i’m trying here .. hahaha.

well its time to choose and set some ground rules. let the dice rolls as for now 😀

anyway my feet still feel numb after yesterday trip to singapore, its a great experience and also an exhausting one. all day long we walked down the road, catching buses and MRTs, visited some iconic places in singapore; mustafa centre, orchad road and of course merlion, it was a one day trip started at 7:30 AM WIB (departed from harbour bay ferry terminal) and ended at around 8:00 PM WIB (arrived at harbour bay ferry terminal). and yes it was fun and honestly it was my first experience visited those places, there is always a first time for everything rite?

one thing i keep thinking since then is that people who work in singapore can be unexposed to the sun for days. if their workplace is in a mall or building integrated with MRT station (subway stations) they need not to go outside the building to reach their workplace and some even start working at dawn and finish it late at night. maybe it’s not a big deal for other people, but for me it’s like one of the pleasure of the world is revoked from you. indeed i tend to take cover from sun at noon especially when i’m in batam or surabaya (or other ‘hot’ cities), but morning sun has always been a blessing, its warm and inspiring.

ps: sorry no pictures for this post, i planned to use a roll of film at the trip yesterday so i could process the film after wards, but i only managed to use half of it.

pps: its raining again this noon


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