sampah#9: dilemma

Have you been in a dilemma before? I bet you all have it even once in your whole life and most of it there’s no win-win solution on that, that’s way it’s so called dilemma. Yeah … life has never been easy before, there are always decisions to make, and different path to take and yeah … life has never been easy before.

Don’t bother to think that I’m in a dilemma since I’m writing this post, I am just wondering what kind of dillemma that can occur in someone’s life and how she/he deals with it. As a matter of fact, every problems in this life depend on how we see and what kind of perspective we use to observe those problems, if we see those as generic and solvable problems so they are, but if we see those as complicated ones then they will be. And it’s the same for whatsoever called dilemma, it’s just a mere problem with with little bit complication than others.

Ya … mind over body that’s what I believe, everything depends on our mind and our perspective, and that’s what I do with most of my problems.

How about you? …

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2 thoughts on “sampah#9: dilemma”

  1. There’ll always be problems facing us in the future..
    if it’s related with one thing that caused dillema, i guess it’ll be the same :
    we’re going to see (or feel?) them assuredly sooner or later..

    so, i gues like Dee said :
    “if life is ever changing, why worry?”

  2. nopal….. kangen nih udah lm ga nyampah..hehehe…
    hows it goin? ngmg” ttg dilemma.. jd pgn publish something di blog sampahku deh..hihihi…
    jd biar kmu bersyukur dgn apa yg kmu miliki..krn ms byk orang” spt sy ini yg berada dlm the greatest dilemma ever.. i think.. at least for me.. huhu

    jgn lp bertandang ke kandang saya…halahh.. tp isinya y gt” aja..kt sanny tempat sampah mellow..haha…

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